The Ottoman Light:

As a young adult I rented a room in Holland and I realized how important it is to make a small space work for you. This is where I realized that with some clever ideas one can maximize the space and still have all you need to your direct disposal. With this in mind, I designed the Ottoman Light to be a practical yet aesthetically pleasing furniture item. The idea of combining elements in one product to serve different purposes appeals to me, especially if it makes life more comfortable and pleasing.

The Ottoman Light was therefore derived from the concept of designing a ‘multi-purpose ottoman’. The Ottoman Light serves as a side table, ottoman and light source in one product. It is easily transportable and you can put it anywhere you like, and anchor the brakes once you’ve found the ideal spot. Since it uses low energy consumption Led lights and includes a high quality battery, you only need to plug the cord into the wall socket during recharging.  Also one is always assured of having a light source during power failures.

On top of the practical bonuses I love the idea of being in control of changing the light settings according to my mood or interior with just an easy press of a button on the remote control. One can add an instant party vibe by pressing the flash function and adjust the speed and colour settings. My favourite setting is the one where it gradually changes colour by itself to create an atmosphere of mesmerizing colour displays,… greens into blues… oranges, lilac… purple, pink…. I am a princess in my own fairy-tale…



Since we want you to have the ideal product for your home, office or franchise, we are more than willing to make the Ottoman Light in a tailor made design and finish to suit your requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.