The Cone Light:

As an artist and designer I love to make my own presents.  About 10 years ago I decided to make an alternative Christmas tree as gift to my parents. I wanted to make something which would last for many more Christmasses to come, something unique and special.

I made a triangular cone shape from paper and a wire structure on the inside which I draped with Christmas Lights. The effect was astounding. The wire structure and lights cast the most beautiful shadows.

Every year my parents would take out the Christmas tree and praise its beauty.

The cone light was born from this concept. We wanted to capture the same effect, but design it in such a way that the product would be durable and of a good quality, something which would act as a Christmas tree as well as an everyday light source, something unique and special…


Cone Light: Faith Hope Love

This is one of the most unique experiences I have had. I have never dreamt up designs before, but the heart and cross design came to me in a dream. When I woke up I put pencil to paper. Since the Cone Light serves as an alternative Christmas tree, I modified the heart and cross design to complement the light shining through. I complemented the design by adding the positive message of faith hope and love. I believe with true design, the less is more equation applies. Cone Light Natural is for the design lover who likes slick and elegant design, minimalistic elements but yet a strong style statement. The Led lights and inside wire structure casts beautiful shadows through the frosted Perspex. It is a timeless design and can be used as side table lamp or floor lamp. The fact that it is cordless compliments the design.